Laskou Ilias was founded in 1985 as a result of great love for the art of woodcarving and the ecclesiastical orthodox tradition.

Learning the art of woodcarving from an early age, working with care, Mr. George Laskou managed very easily to transmit the love of art to his son, Ilias.

Having several years of experience today in the traditional orthodox ecclesiastical art, creating projects with original and unique designs, wonderful carvings in Byzantine, and Baroque rhythms.


The company and the exhibition are based in Koufalia in the western part of Thessaloniki. With some very contemporary equipment Laskou OE can handle all the needs of churches and sacred monasteries. The products are manufactured with excellent standards using premium woods as lime, beech and oak depending on every customers desire.

Original designs made with love and care supported by the detail, the quality and the aesthetics, adorn iconostasis, shrines, thrones, pews and so on and so forth.

Consistency, confidence to the client and love for the traditional ecclesiastical orthodox art are the key elements of its success.